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    Discover the beautiful surroundings of Pucón through the different excursions we have to offer at Aldea Naukana. Simply having the necessary motivation to go beyond is enough, we will take care of all the equipment to make the trip of your dreams.

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    We provide certified guides, transportation and the technical equipment for the different activities:

  • Climbing the Villarrica Volcano

    The volcano has an altitude of 2847 mts. and is one of the most active on our planet. The excursión starts very early beginning the ascent together with our mountain guide, while we enjoy the beautiful views of each resting point.

  • Climbing the Villarrica Volcano

    When we get to the Summit, the panoramic view is unbeatable and to be at the crater, a unique experience. A must-do in this zone.

  • Backcountry Skiing

    Enjoy a ride with backcountry skis between the trees surrounded by nature or at unique slopes with views of Lake Villarrica. There are 3 options, depending on the level of the participant. The idea is to combine the effort of climbing with the pleasure of skiing the slopes that you want. Duration: From 3 hours until full day. Departure time 08:00 am.

  • Vía Ferrata Climbing

    The first Via Ferrata in our country. Located close to Pucón it lets us live the experience of climbing an altitude of almost 300 metres, supported by metal steps.

  • Vía Ferrata Climbing

    The activity starts with an ascent trek of moderate difficulty, followed by the rock climbing, and ends with a trek through native forests in order to descend. Duration: Full day. Departure time 08:00 am.

  • Trekking in National Parks

    As simple as walking under the ancient trees that the different parks in our región have to offer, and then sit down and contemplate nature around you. You can either go accompanied by a guide or just go by yourself. We recommend Huerquehue, El Cañi and why not the viewpoint of the Volcano trail at its Southern Duration: Full day. Departure time 08:00 am.

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